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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

News Regarding The Boris Barnet Project.

Just over two years ago I posted on this blog about a project dedicated to the figure of Boris Barnet. A project regarding a filmmaker who left very little in terms of documents, essays, articles to posterity. Only his films, a handful of letters to his fifth and final wife and the sketch miraculously surviving in spite of Barnet's tendency to discard nearly everything in his possession. And yet there are many possible leads. People still alive who knew him (for example his daughter, Olga Barnet; the filmmaker Marlen Khutsiev who worked with him on the film Liana and others who worked with him towards the end of his career). At the presetnt time I am collecting and presenting some material on another blog 

Here is a short description of the Boris Barnet project

The Boris Barnet project aims to be a project starting off as a blog and then will move to a website domain and eventually lead to a book to be printed by Cygnnet Books (who have produced excellent books on Andrey Tarkovsky and Andrei Zvyagintsev). We aim to produce a selection of images and printed material on this blog much of which is either not publicly available or has been available only in Russian or has been locked up in archives (or published in books and journals long out of print). A series of translations and summaries of articles from Russian will also be gradually published in the months to come. Hopefully this will be a site that both film lovers as well as students of film can turn to in order to discover more about the life and work of one of Russia’s (and the world’s) most interesting film directors.
Blogposts (and material on the site) will include the following:
Photographs and portraits of Boris Barnet
Accounts of Barnet’s films
Aspects of Barnet’s cinematographic practice
Themes in Barnet’s films
Historical background to the films
Synopses of the films
Attempts to describe the locations where the films were shot
Accounts of actors who starred in Barnet films
Film sequences of Barnet films
Video essays
Contemporary reviews of Barnet films
Accounts of Barnet’s filmmaking process
Memoirs of Barnet from those who knew him
Transcripts from interviews with film scholars and acquaintances of Barnet
Biographical and other information on the actors in Barnet films
Information on other members of the film crew (scriptwriters, Directors of Photography, Artistic Directors etc)
Gifs of Barnet scenes
Screenshots of particular moments in Barnet films