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Friday, 11 July 2014

Parajanov's Venetian Links to be Explored in new Exhibition by Tatiana Daniliyants.

The School of Visual Arts invites people to the presentation of a new project of the well-known film director, photo artist and sculptor Tatiana Daniliyants “Venetian Gifts to Sergei Parajanov”.

In the programme are clips from Tatiana Daniliyants documentary films “Venice Afloat” (2012) and the “Hidden Garden”. Photographic documents of her exhibition “Anima Russa”(2011) and the presentation of the project “Venetian Gifts to Sergei Parajanov” which will be supported by a crowdfunding resource on It begins at 3.30pm.

Parajanov was well-known in Europe- especially in Italy. In 1988 the films of Sergei Parajanov were shown at a special “edition” of the Venice Biennale. There are still people alive in this city who remember Parajanov and honour his memory. Sergei Iosefich stated several times in conversations and interviews that he a felt a special aesthetic affinity with Venice. One could also state that materials which he used in his collages and films – mirrors, lace, beads, objects from glass, masks, plumage- could be said to be typical for this city. 

Tatiana Daniliyants' exhibition “Venetian Gifts to Sergei Parajanov” is planned for September 2014 at the Yerevan Museum of Contemporary Art and will include video art, sculptures from Murano glass and collages. At the end of 2014 this exhibition should be shown in Moscow. It is a tribute to a Maestro who this year would have celebrated his 90th birthday and also a kind of bridge between two worlds: the ‘cosmos’ of Sergei Parajanov and the ‘cosmos’ of Venice – a cosmos to which Tatiana Daniliyants has been linked for around 20 years.

Tatiana Daniliyants: “Since my youth the creations of Sergei Parajanov are like a magical lantern, a lamp full of wonders. There is no doubt in my mind that Venice and Parajanov are intimately linked: the infinitely distant and infinitely intimate Byzantine light; a love of golden brocade fabrics, silk and velvet; a certain super abundance and excess, solemnity and  ‘multi-layeredness’. My exhibition is a gift from Venice- its historians, theologians, musicians and many others who knew Parajanov. And from the followers of the Maestro, me and all of you, those who can, in some form, help to realise this project. The very title of the project is imbued with the idea of giving: Venetian philosophers, thinkers, musicians and the city itself present Parajanov with its memory, its love and admiration. It is precisely because of this that the idea of crowdfunding- a collective giving of funds for the realization of a project- seems here to be most appropriate”   
“ Through crowdfunding the author is looking for moment which with in the next few months will be used to produce the exhibits: sculptures from Murano glass, collages and two films in which Venetians will speak about Parajanov”

Tatiana Daniliyants is a film director, photo artist and sculptor. She studied at the Surikov Art Institute in Moscow and the Higher Courses for Film Directors. She studied with Andrzej Wajda in Krakow. She was also trained at the Guggenheim Institute in Venice. She is the author of about ten documentaries and shorts. As an artist she has participated in more than 60 personal and group exhibitions including in the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, the Moscow Photo Biennale and exhibitions at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the Russian Museum in Saint Petersburg, RosFoto (Saint Petersburg) and others. She teaches at the School of Visual Arts (in the Atelier of Short Films)   

The presentation will take place at the Vinzavod Centre of Contemporary Art on the 12th July between 3.30 and 6.30pm. Free entrance but please confirm attendance  at the event Register here: Contact telephones: +79191390541, Natalia and +7 916 562-29-44, Olga.

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